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Leadership Seminars

Known as HOBY’s flagship program, the Leadership Seminar is designed for high school sophomores to recognize their leadership talents and apply them in becoming effective, ethical leaders in their home, schools, workplace and community. The high level of energy, encouragement and motivation as well as the interaction with peers, panelists and volunteers are important elements in nurturing the students’ future leadership roles.

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World Leadership Congress

Upon completing a Leadership Seminar, U.S. high school sophomores have the opportunity to advance to HOBY’s next level of leadership programs known as the World Leadership Congress (WLC). The WLC is HOBY’s oldest program and the only one open to international students aged 15-17. The week-long intensive educational program is July 20-27, 2013 in Chicago, IL.

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The Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW) is a one-day introductory HOBY leadership training for high school freshmen. CLeWs provide face-to-face interaction between freshmen students and distinguished leaders from all walks of life. Students participate in team-building activities, take part in community service projects, and listen to presentations given by motivational speakers and local community leaders.

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